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We at Dua's Knowledge Potli are a learning platform to impart cross-disciplinary skills especially soft skills and life skills to enable our clients to effectively deal with the challenges faced in their workspaces as well as in their lives. We assist you in learning and executing the skills needed to be a well-rounded individual functioning as a valued member of society.

Our Vision

is enlightening individuals by imparting customized knowledge offerings to make a positive impact in different spheres of life.

Our Mission

at DUA's Knowledge Potli is to Enlighten and Inspire lives through education and the power of knowledge.

Our Values

 are Learn, Share and Care.

Our team
Sanjay Dua Founder Of Duas Knowledge Potli

Sanjay Dua

Founder & Sr. Trainer
From The Founder
MBA HR, Certified Life Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner,
Certified Trainer on Power of Seven Chakras

Sanjay Dua is the founder and CEO of DUA’s Knowledge Potli, a creative and progressive learning platform enabling individuals to think, learn and contribute towards betterment of society.

Sanjay comes with a professional experience of 13 years across Industry in the field of Human Resources. Born and bought up in the city of Ranchi, he is a firm believer that Passion, Practice & Perseverance holds the key to contentment and successful life.

Passionate about the interaction of mindfulness and learning, Sanjay has founded this platform to make a positive impact in the life of human beings, as he believes that with correct education and learning world would be a better place to live in.

About Diksha
MBA HR MBTI Consultant HR Consultant

Diksha Bhojwani has an extensive work experience of 12 years with TCS and Alexion Pharmaceuticals and as a Corporate Trainer. Her contribution in enriching people’s experience is supported with Examples and Practical takeaways. She has an immense passion for Organizational Development and Training.

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Diksha Bhojwani

Sr. Trainer
About Pallavi
Head of Operations & HR at DKP

Pallavi comes with a total experience of 14 years in HR. Associated with TCS and ITC infotech, she has been instrumental in designing and implementing of various HR lifecycle processes for companies. Her hobbies are dancing and watching & creating advertisements. She is a firm believer that capabilities can be groomed and developed at any level.


Pallavi Dua

HR Consultant


HR Executive
About Shreya
Shreya Lead Recruiter at DKP

Shreya is a qualified HR Professional and experienced in Hospitality and HRM. She has previously worked with Novotel Kolkata and aspire to excel in her career with Dua’s Knowledge Potli.

About Paulami
Collaborative Partner at DKP

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Life Coach & Brand Consultant


What they've said about us
I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Sanjay Dua for helping me with my time management. I was facing problems with managing my time effectively ever since the lockdown started. While working from home it was becoming difficult to remain focused. A course on Time Management with Sanjay helped me immensely to understand how my mind works and techniques which would suit the way I think and operate. The personalized and interactive session enabled me to be more focused, plan my day properly and have more control over my time. Thanks, Sanjay. Keep sharing the knowledge from your Potli!
Bratati Bhattacharya
Director, Adlib Management Services Pvt Ltd
Thank you for all the wonderful, interactive and fun-filled sessions throughout the course. As a parent, I am heartened to see my child being guided and nurtured with positive dispositions towards learning. What I liked most about this workshop was the way you wanted me (as a parent) to keep you updated about my child's progress and discuss issues and challenges faced by us as a parent. Thanks for inspiring my child and giving tips to us on understanding my child's psychology and parenting.
Pooja Mundhra
Mr Sanjay Dua is a man who exudes positivity and that is truly visible in the way he approaches the problem and the mental agility he shows to understand the problem for these clients. We had a workshop for children between the age of 6 to 1o years on exploring their personalities and identifying their uniqueness. It was an online workshop. It was a difficult one to execute as it was challenging to do such workshops online with the children keeping them focused on the activities. However, his simple and uncomplicated techniques made it look like a cakewalk. The children enjoyed it as they interacted without any inhibitions with him. And that’s the beauty of his style of interacting with others. He is professional no doubt. The session went on well. All activities, well-thought-out and within time. He followed up with individual feedback to each of the children to the parents identifying their unique traits. It goes to show that he believes in relations and respects them. He does not only provides services but does after-sell service as well. We look forward to doing more such sessions in the days to come with the children, both online and offline. It is his maiden venture and we wish to see more of him helping others at what he does well, that is connecting with others
Nabanita Bose Mukherjee
Director – Bubble Blue
Hi, my name is Amanda Simon, presently I live in Canada Being in Canada, it was important for me to get accustomed to the surroundings in college and work as well, my confidence, my communication and a lot more ways to be enhanced to create a great impact on my personality, where ever I go and whomsoever I meet. Hence, I decided to join DUA's KNOWLEDGE POTLI and enhance my personality which is the most important factor and plays a huge role wherever we go or whoever we meet in our day to day life. It has been an amazing experience for me throughout the session, I have grown as an individual and have become very confident in my personal and work life. Being in Canada and Sir being in India has always adjusted with our timings and have always given the best knowledge he could, this personality development class was absolutely different for me as it was not just written notes on the improvement of your personality but also was a class full of simulation and plays that build our confidence and our ways to see and react to things going around us. Lastly, I would like to thank Dua Sir for his time and the actual guidance that he has provided to us, throughout the session it had actually been DUA's Knowledge Potli.
Amanda Simon
Hi, This is Neetu and I am from Canada. I heard about DUA"s Knowledge Potli from one of my friend's mom. I attended Personality Development Workshop and those 8 sessions turned out to be very fruitful for me. It helped me to boost my confidence and also created more self-awareness. The most important things that I discovered after attending those 8 sessions is that I could thrive in all situations. Thanks to Sanjay Sir for starting these classes. Keep up the good work sir!
Neetu Sharma
I undertook the leadership coaching workshop with Sanjay and would like to appreciate him for conducting a wonderful workshop. I felt that all 6 sessions were very well structured with well-defined outcomes and takeaways with a lot of food for thought. The sessions were customized & very interactive. Sanjay was very quick to analyze the responses & generate feedback. The sessions led to a lot of introspection to understand the strengths & weaknesses in a deeper manner. I could relate a lot from the learnings I had in these sessions and started applying them in real-world situations for quick results.I recommend young budding leaders to take this short coaching program with Sanjay to get a new perspective & redirect focus towards leadership
Nikhil Agarwal
The session conducted by Mr Sanjay Dua was engaging, informative and reflective. It was a learning experience for all the teachers and staff members of Sunshine Schools. Mr Dua as a facilitator was patient while answering questions. It did not matter how many times the same question was asked, the answer/explanation came in a calm and composed manner. Participants particularly enjoyed the role plays as they gave them a chance to come out of their comfort zones and explore the hidden aspects of their personality. We at Sunshine Schools, are immensely grateful to Mr Dua for helping our teachers realize the importance of identifying who they are and what they can be.
Khushboo Pahal
Co-owner/Academic Director - Sunshine Schools