Build up to your Conscience

Build up to your Conscience – Series 2

It was a scorching day of the summer season, when we eagerly used to wait for the evening so that we can get permission from our parents and go out to play with our friends. Little did they know that most of these evenings are not spent in playground rather spent in accumulating & plucking the raw mangoes from a nearby fruit garden. The sheer idea and adventure of climbing those walls & trees used to give goosebumps to all of us.

The entire planning and assigning of key responsibility used to happen a day before. There were a few in our groups, some physically stronger and few had a sharper level of intellect who used to suggest creative way to accomplish our target. After proper planning and execution, we (4 of us) were on the top of that big mango tree, plucking those raw mangoes and enjoying in the shade of it. Indian summers, as you all know is terribly hot and even at the evening time of 4/5 p.m there is hardly any respite. With all those hot winds blowing across, it makes life difficult bearing the grunt of heat. While sitting over that tree, we could see the entire garden full of of trees, plants and lot of greenery. Those big stems and the branches of mango tree embraced us and it felt like we all are sitting under the shade and warmth of our elders. We used to sit there for hours and felt a freshness in-spite of the heat. That garden was not the only one, there were similar gardens across full of life. But we have evolved now with all kinds and phases of Industrial Revolution, those old fruit gardens does not look the same now. Some of those trees have grown old now, they are not as green as they used to be earlier.

We realized later in our life, how these trees, plants and the fruits coming out of it completely loose their identity to become a part of us by embracing and enriching us. They completely forego their own existence, their own life processes and become a part of me(us) As a human being have we allowed these trees and plants to be a part of our ecosystem in the similar way? The answer to an extent may be Yes, but is that enough? The way entire ecosystem is evolving ,the environment is changing, do we still believe and foresee our future generation to enjoy fruits themselves from those garden? Probably yes or may be never, the answer to the same lies in our own hand . Let us make a ritual for all us to plant trees who provide us the most precious chemical element Oxygen to breathe, which we get at 4000 Rs a cylinder if we need to get it from market. All important and essential elements and learning of life processes , which we assume to be granted today, probably someday we may have to pay a hefty amount to get the same.

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