Energy management

Energy Management

I was listening to my favorite song today morning. The Bluetooth device keeps popping a message on my ears – Recharge your device. I ignored it for the first time, then in the next few minutes, the frequency of this message kept increasing.

I did not want to put that on charge as my favorite song was on track. Finally, I lost the battery and could not complete listening to the full song. Had I taken a small break in between to recharge I would have enjoyed the song more without the disturbing message.

Similarly, while enjoying our life journey, our mind, our body our heart keep sharing a pop-up message to go slow, relax, replenish, rejuvenate, bring back our attention but we keep ignoring the message, which ultimately compels us to take that break, at not so desired time, from where the recovery path to our purpose, to our goals, gets off track.

Energy management must be there!


Actuality is a reflection of perception

It was a beautiful morning today as I went for a walk. There were so many birds chirping around and the entire atmosphere was rejoicing with those chirps.
In between, I heard a sound and found it very new and unique to me. I thought and assumed that it has to be one of the rarest species of birds. With that notion in my mind, I started following the sound to reach the originated area.

To my surprise, it was a normal bird, not that rarest species, that I thought of and it struck me so hard that how I assumed the bird to be the rarest species, basis the beautiful chirping. The chirping was indeed beautiful but the impression and outlook that I created about the bird was not matching

Doesn’t it happen in our life so often? Without even realizing the facts, just on the mental filters that we have created in our mind, we assume, paint a picture in our mind about a person a situation, or an event. We try to draw a similarity between our thoughts and perceived actuality.

The best ideas, the best music, the best energy, the best bet can come from an individual we never thought of.
Äctuality is a reflection of your perception.


Radiating Positivity

I went on vacation last week. When we started traveling, I applied a perfume that gave off a soft, pleasant fragrance. My family liked the odor of the same.

After some time, we were roaming in a deserted area and, I and my family lost our way, I went in a different direction altogether and my family to a different direction.

But within 10/15 mins, they were able to trace me. It was easy for them. Remember the fragrance that I applied. Wherever I went, that fragrance was along with me.

Similarly, whatever you carry within, is bound to radiate to your surroundings, ecosystem, and people. If you carry the fragrance of love, empathy, compassion, positivity is bound to rub with other people!


In the Moment

It was an early morning cycling ride today. As soon as I started, there were road bumpers that I had to cross, and I was getting irritated by slowing down. Every time I had to keep focussing on the bumpers and slow my speed.

I decided to take an alternate path which was very smooth and started enjoying the ride. After a few moments, I got drawn to a lot of thoughts in my mind on that non-bumpy path, starting from work to friends to family but never realise that I was riding a bicycle. I was not focussing on the path too as there were no bumpers. I completely missed enjoying the ride as I was caught up in different thoughts, my attention was not there on the ride. Reason – There were no hurdles, no bumpers.

Similarly, sometimes the bumpers and the roadblocks are necessary to keep attention on the path of your journey that can enable you to actually enjoy the same.