Overseas Education Consultant in Kolkata

Overseas Education Consultant in Kolkata

Overseas Education Consultant in Kolkata

“A good education is a foundation for a better future.” ~Elizabeth Warren

Well, that genuinely is. It is only with educational advancement that the human race will progress and prosper. Students, as well as their parents, are on the continuous lookout for better educational prospects. Moving out for educational purposes is a very common phenomenon these days. That might even be traveling to a different country for better academic degree programs and scope.

India is home to numerous prestigious higher education institutions, namely the IITs and IIMs. But with the prevailing theoretical curriculum in our country at all levels and the cut-throat competition at entry levels makes students choose to study abroad. Due to several such reasons, moving overseas for better educational opportunities has risen over the last decade.

If you are an aspiring applicant to universities abroad then an overseas education consultant might be the most eligible person to help you. Are you looking for overseas education consultant in Kolkata? So Dua’s Knowledge Potli offers the best overseas education consulting services in Kolkata.

What is Overseas Education Consultant?

Trained and experienced professionals help aspiring students throughout the elaborate process of seeking admission to universities abroad. From figuring out courses and places to apply to securing admission. This entire process is called overseas education consulting. The professionals offering this service are called overseas education consultants.

Why do you need Overseas Education Consultant?

Most students aren’t even well informed about all the requirements, formalities, or even the courses offered. It is important for students to know their calling and decide accordingly when choosing their subjects and places to apply.

For those of you not very familiar with it, here’s a list of reasons for a quick glance:

  • Source of Detailed Information:

An overseas education consultant provides detailed information on all important things like- application procedure, the preparation for filing the application, the eligibility criterion, course details, and others. They also help you write the SOPs, and application essays and also prepare for entry-level tests like GRE, and TOEFL.

  • Choosing the perfect subject of study:

Picking the course or which is apt for you is really very crucial. Thus under the expert guidance of an overseas education consultant, it becomes way easier. Understanding your areas of interest, and their future prospects because they help you pick the course just perfect for you.

  • Visa Approvals:

Without your Visa, the cherished dream of studying abroad stays a dream only. Applications of overseas education consultant service providers speed up the entire process. Also, being aware of all the documentation details, formalities, and the right channels, the job gets done pretty easily.

  • Financial Assistance:

When thinking of studying abroad one also has to think about the finances. With all the course fees, Visa fees, air tickets, food, and lodging expenses it becomes quite expensive for the students’ families to afford. An overseas education consultant offers valuable financial advice on how to apply for educational loans, and scholarships and avails various student rebates.

  • Travel and Accommodation Assistance:

Overseas Education Consultation service providers have numerous connections with students studying in different places across the globe. Based on your location, they help you connect with existing students for further insights. If required they also help with connections for accommodation and part-time jobs for students.

Dua’s Knowledge Potli, with their overseas education consulting services in Kolkata, helps simplify this tedious process for aspiring applicants. They offer constant support throughout this complex and intriguing procedure and convert your dreams to reality. With their excellent team of professionals and great connections, they get out of their way to help a student fulfill his/her dream of studying abroad.

They are indeed one of the best overseas education consultant in Kolkata.

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