Power of Intuition

Power of Intuition

Most of the times, we hear leaders stressing the word “gut feeling”, that gut feeling is not related to logic or reasoning…that is acquired through experience and your natural instinct.In modern day business scenario, when technology is taking front seat in every discussion, people with strong intuition and sixth sense take much stronger decision which can even surpass the logic provided by technology.

Intuition is one of the psychic ability that is bundled into our stomach, our gut. Many a times you come across a person during interview and you get the gut feeling whether the person is good or bad for your organization. Your intuition tells that this person has the same characteristic and behaviour as someone you already know. Your experiences coupled with your gut help you in taking the decision. A person with strong intuition don’t let his/her vision gets into the way of gut feeling.

It is believed that out of the 7 chakras present in human body, the brow chakra (3rd eye) is located in between the eyes. If a person can align these 7 chakras , the intuition or the divine messenger become clear and a new insight is provided to human. Now a days. in every sphere of our life people talk about staying fit, fitness regime etc, one of the most important aspect is mental fitness through meditation which in turn will help you to take strong intuitive decision for your organization which only you can foresee…

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