A truth beyond your experience

A truth beyond your experience!

When someone says something to you, they might want you to comprehend it in a way that gives validation to their thoughts.

And there are two ways in which you can react to those situations;

  1. You interpret exactly in the same way, that the other person wants you to interpret
  2. You interpret in a completely different way, which does not validate the other person’s expectation.

What’s the fundamental principle on this?

As soon as we observe, see or listen something, it filters through our core beliefs, values and experiences ( that has been created over a period of years ) and ultimately propel us to react and give meaning to those situations and statements accordingly.

Mental maps that we have created for ourselves, foster our reaction and response. The extent to which we are prepared to assign meaning to new situations by unfolding our limiting belief system, ultimately helps us to evolve and enrich experience of our lives. That’s where you keep surprising yourself with your self evolvement.

Our flexibility to challenge our existing beliefs , thought patterns and experiences becomes the first page of our self discovery.

Power of Intuition

Power of Intuition

Most of the times, we hear leaders stressing the word “gut feeling”, that gut feeling is not related to logic or reasoning…that is acquired through experience and your natural instinct.In modern day business scenario, when technology is taking front seat in every discussion, people with strong intuition and sixth sense take much stronger decision which can even surpass the logic provided by technology.

Intuition is one of the psychic ability that is bundled into our stomach, our gut. Many a times you come across a person during interview and you get the gut feeling whether the person is good or bad for your organization. Your intuition tells that this person has the same characteristic and behaviour as someone you already know. Your experiences coupled with your gut help you in taking the decision. A person with strong intuition don’t let his/her vision gets into the way of gut feeling.

It is believed that out of the 7 chakras present in human body, the brow chakra (3rd eye) is located in between the eyes. If a person can align these 7 chakras , the intuition or the divine messenger become clear and a new insight is provided to human. Now a days. in every sphere of our life people talk about staying fit, fitness regime etc, one of the most important aspect is mental fitness through meditation which in turn will help you to take strong intuitive decision for your organization which only you can foresee…

Build up to your Conscience

Build up to your Conscience – Series 2

It was a scorching day of the summer season, when we eagerly used to wait for the evening so that we can get permission from our parents and go out to play with our friends. Little did they know that most of these evenings are not spent in playground rather spent in accumulating & plucking the raw mangoes from a nearby fruit garden. The sheer idea and adventure of climbing those walls & trees used to give goosebumps to all of us.

The entire planning and assigning of key responsibility used to happen a day before. There were a few in our groups, some physically stronger and few had a sharper level of intellect who used to suggest creative way to accomplish our target. After proper planning and execution, we (4 of us) were on the top of that big mango tree, plucking those raw mangoes and enjoying in the shade of it. Indian summers, as you all know is terribly hot and even at the evening time of 4/5 p.m there is hardly any respite. With all those hot winds blowing across, it makes life difficult bearing the grunt of heat. While sitting over that tree, we could see the entire garden full of of trees, plants and lot of greenery. Those big stems and the branches of mango tree embraced us and it felt like we all are sitting under the shade and warmth of our elders. We used to sit there for hours and felt a freshness in-spite of the heat. That garden was not the only one, there were similar gardens across full of life. But we have evolved now with all kinds and phases of Industrial Revolution, those old fruit gardens does not look the same now. Some of those trees have grown old now, they are not as green as they used to be earlier.

We realized later in our life, how these trees, plants and the fruits coming out of it completely loose their identity to become a part of us by embracing and enriching us. They completely forego their own existence, their own life processes and become a part of me(us) As a human being have we allowed these trees and plants to be a part of our ecosystem in the similar way? The answer to an extent may be Yes, but is that enough? The way entire ecosystem is evolving ,the environment is changing, do we still believe and foresee our future generation to enjoy fruits themselves from those garden? Probably yes or may be never, the answer to the same lies in our own hand . Let us make a ritual for all us to plant trees who provide us the most precious chemical element Oxygen to breathe, which we get at 4000 Rs a cylinder if we need to get it from market. All important and essential elements and learning of life processes , which we assume to be granted today, probably someday we may have to pay a hefty amount to get the same.

Build up to your Conscience

Build up to your Conscience – Series

It was a typical Monday morning, when going to school after a fun filled Sunday was not that fascinating, and that was quite natural in earlier days where we had a holiday only on Sundays. But with all the expectations on our shoulders along with a 7 -8 kg school bag, we (myself along with my friends) were on our way to bus stop to get into the school bus.

We had a routine of playing Antakshari (musical game) in the bus and it was no different that Monday also. As soon as we boarded the bus, we got our self divided into two teams and started singing the melodies of 90’s. There was a student, one class junior to us, who always used to sit very silently in the bus and never used to interact with us and was very shy. We used to tease him also being senior to him. He never used to retaliate and kept silent throughout. Whenever we used to break our entire group of buddies to 2 teams, we never used to ask him, neither he ever shared his interest to be a part of the game that we used to play.

That day, one of our friend did not turn up and we needed one extra person to justify the equal team composition. We thought of asking the same shy fellow to join us, (only to have equal distribution in both the teams and never to get any help or contribution from that fellow during the course of game). We were all making fun, enjoying the journey to school by playing our favorite game, till we realized that we got stuck at a point of time and needed someone to help us in the game. The time clock started ticking 1..2..and so on, suddenly the fellow whom we inducted in our team (only to make the head count equal), shared a helping hand and we survived the loss of 1 point.

Slowly as the bus kept moving, we started talking a bit more with that fellow, making him more included in the game, and we slowly realized that he was contributing even more and probably he emerged as an individual who could and was singing better than all of us in that game. His inclusion increased more and more with each passing day and after a month we could realize that he is not same shy person anymore, he is not submissive any more, he is not worthless, he introduced to us a different lens to see the life and world with fresh perspective which we never thought that even exists

Finally we realized an entire phenomenon of restructuring of thoughts that was happening within each one of us. We were coming out of our thought pattern and got to realize the ideations/power/creativity/value addition and uniqueness that each individual possess and brings to the table

In the current scenario, most of us need this cognitive restructuring to make this world more inclusive by building on the strength & uniqueness of each individual

The Art of Keeping it Simple

The Art of Keeping it Simple

With the advent of so many high end technologies and digitization touching every sphere of our life, it’s important that we keep our life simpler and grounded. The simplest thing in the life can bring you more happiness. If you look at our surroundings, with lot many things happening in the ecosystem, it’s essential for each one of us to be clear about the purpose of our life.

You need to ask four simple questions to yourself –

a) What do you want to achieve or what will you get?

b) What value can you give back to the system/environment?

c) Do you belong to that place/environment/system?

d) What are your learning from those spheres of life?

Every sphere of your life technically touches the above four points, but not in tandem. They are isolated and operating in silos for the time being and probably at different stages of our life, and we consciously tend to focus on one stage at a time. What if all these four pillars crosses everyday of your life. You will feel more accomplished. You will get, you will contribute, you will learn and more than that, you will feel wanted in all spheres of your own life. There will be a purpose attached with all your deeds.

It does not always need you to be billionaire first and then contribute to charity. You can still contribute towards noble cause, even when you are studying in a school as a student, though the quantum may be different. The more you are clear with your life purpose in mind, the easier it would be for you to transpire that into action.

Think of a simple example of the debate competition which used to happen in all our high schools and colleges and one person has to speak “for” and the other one has to speak “against” the topic. We all were clear with our objective of winning the same and if you spare some more thoughts on the entire process of this activity, even for the strangest and weirdest of topics, the ideas that used to get generated out of this simple task was mind boggling. This happens because we are clear in our mind of winning the debate competition, and to pursue that we used to own the topic and prepare accordingly. In the entire process, you give a food for thought to the audience, who never thought it differently like you and at the end, we used to learn from each other. The intent should be to use this framework consciously while engaging in any form of activity.

Once this framework, become a part of your culture, your routine, it does wonder on your self-confidence, your self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.

The irony today is, we are not clear about our own lives, our purpose of living, what and why aspects and hence we witness a log of youngsters today luring into the unwanted path, whether be it their career, their personal life, the need of immediate success etc.

The more you keep it simpler and enjoy the tiniest of success, the better it would be for you to be more decisive and firm in your approach towards life. A hair trigger success can take you to a certain level, but a success achieved through self-awareness will make you a champion! 


Together We Can

Society and people around judge you, let them judge you can overcome the judgments. But the moment, you are judging yourself, creating self doubt, creating fear within, it’s difficult to overcome.

I went through the 2nd phase first to an extent that I was scared of meeting my relatives, with the apprehension that I am not good enough, I can’t speak to them , I am shy, I hardly see people in eyes and you can add many more apprehensions to that. It became difficult to overcome those. Until I realized it’s better to accept who you are, love yourself, show your true self, show your vulnerability (re confirms the fact that you are a human being) ,feel that you are good enough (even though you are not). But it’s absolutely fine, since you have accepted and sent a signal to your mind that you are good at something (of your liking) and later when you realize that you actually are not, you strive even harder to validate and reaffirm those thoughts and in the process you actually become a better version of self. It happened with me and probably can happen with any of you

I hardly spoke in my school till my graduation days , but the moment you overcome the fear of failure, it becomes very easy to accept yourself and you can actually overcome the self doubts. Once you cross this stage, appreciation and criticism is not going to affect you anymore. You are much more balanced in your approach towards leading life

We are not here to train you , neither are we going to share something which you probably don’t know. We have embarked upon this journey with an intent to lighten up your life by re enforcing the power that you all carry within, through our experiential learning programmes. The power which helps you to actually transcend from transaction to transformation. You have the caliber and capability to make good with your life and career in the best possible way

In our honest endeavor, if we are able to manifest even one percent of the power that you already posses, we would consider #DKP journey to be fruitful one !