Together We Can

Society and people around judge you, let them judge you can overcome the judgments. But the moment, you are judging yourself, creating self doubt, creating fear within, it’s difficult to overcome.

I went through the 2nd phase first to an extent that I was scared of meeting my relatives, with the apprehension that I am not good enough, I can’t speak to them , I am shy, I hardly see people in eyes and you can add many more apprehensions to that. It became difficult to overcome those. Until I realized it’s better to accept who you are, love yourself, show your true self, show your vulnerability (re confirms the fact that you are a human being) ,feel that you are good enough (even though you are not). But it’s absolutely fine, since you have accepted and sent a signal to your mind that you are good at something (of your liking) and later when you realize that you actually are not, you strive even harder to validate and reaffirm those thoughts and in the process you actually become a better version of self. It happened with me and probably can happen with any of you

I hardly spoke in my school till my graduation days , but the moment you overcome the fear of failure, it becomes very easy to accept yourself and you can actually overcome the self doubts. Once you cross this stage, appreciation and criticism is not going to affect you anymore. You are much more balanced in your approach towards leading life

We are not here to train you , neither are we going to share something which you probably don’t know. We have embarked upon this journey with an intent to lighten up your life by re enforcing the power that you all carry within, through our experiential learning programmes. The power which helps you to actually transcend from transaction to transformation. You have the caliber and capability to make good with your life and career in the best possible way

In our honest endeavor, if we are able to manifest even one percent of the power that you already posses, we would consider #DKP journey to be fruitful one !