The Art of Keeping it Simple

The Art of Keeping it Simple

With the advent of so many high end technologies and digitization touching every sphere of our life, it’s important that we keep our life simpler and grounded. The simplest thing in the life can bring you more happiness. If you look at our surroundings, with lot many things happening in the ecosystem, it’s essential for each one of us to be clear about the purpose of our life.

You need to ask four simple questions to yourself –

a) What do you want to achieve or what will you get?

b) What value can you give back to the system/environment?

c) Do you belong to that place/environment/system?

d) What are your learning from those spheres of life?

Every sphere of your life technically touches the above four points, but not in tandem. They are isolated and operating in silos for the time being and probably at different stages of our life, and we consciously tend to focus on one stage at a time. What if all these four pillars crosses everyday of your life. You will feel more accomplished. You will get, you will contribute, you will learn and more than that, you will feel wanted in all spheres of your own life. There will be a purpose attached with all your deeds.

It does not always need you to be billionaire first and then contribute to charity. You can still contribute towards noble cause, even when you are studying in a school as a student, though the quantum may be different. The more you are clear with your life purpose in mind, the easier it would be for you to transpire that into action.

Think of a simple example of the debate competition which used to happen in all our high schools and colleges and one person has to speak “for” and the other one has to speak “against” the topic. We all were clear with our objective of winning the same and if you spare some more thoughts on the entire process of this activity, even for the strangest and weirdest of topics, the ideas that used to get generated out of this simple task was mind boggling. This happens because we are clear in our mind of winning the debate competition, and to pursue that we used to own the topic and prepare accordingly. In the entire process, you give a food for thought to the audience, who never thought it differently like you and at the end, we used to learn from each other. The intent should be to use this framework consciously while engaging in any form of activity.

Once this framework, become a part of your culture, your routine, it does wonder on your self-confidence, your self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.

The irony today is, we are not clear about our own lives, our purpose of living, what and why aspects and hence we witness a log of youngsters today luring into the unwanted path, whether be it their career, their personal life, the need of immediate success etc.

The more you keep it simpler and enjoy the tiniest of success, the better it would be for you to be more decisive and firm in your approach towards life. A hair trigger success can take you to a certain level, but a success achieved through self-awareness will make you a champion!