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Best HR Consulting Services In Newtown

Dua’s Knowledge Potli is indeed the provider for the innovative and dynamic learning management system, mainly human resource consulting services in Newtown  that are customized to the requirements of both the appointee. We empower you to believe, gain knowledge, and contribute to a better society. We presume that our inquiry-based learning program can help every person begin their voyage from identity and identity to social intelligence and impact.

Did you know we work for professionals? We provide human resource consulting services in Kolkata to individuals, Professionals Mostly.

Again for the corporate boardroom, our offerings are geared toward career growth through basic skills and gentle training opportunities, as well as self-awareness and consciousness through the adaptability and health and wellbeing aspects.

We will make you understand how the whole thing works!

Take a look at the following available services. Call ahead for a specific date and time. The Magnification meets and greets information will be sent to you via the confirmation code. You can also access our customer database through our website.

Communication and assertive skills for human resource consulting services in Kolkata

The efforts to efficiently start sharing our opinions and thoughts with others enable and channel our communication patterns. While efficient communication is a found necessity for cultivating healthier relationships in  human resource consulting services in Newtown, the freedom to articulate positive and negative emotions in an honest and clear manner has been critical in order to maintain the relationships. Assertive communication skills necessitate not only practice but also ongoing work on with us body language, voice timbre, physical contact, and other factors that can aid in clearly communicating our thoughts and feelings in a straightforward but non-aggressive way.

Our interaction and assertiveness workshop fosters your true potential by focusing on English as a skill that allows the participants to open up.

These skills are necessary for enhancing human resource consulting services in Newtown.

Emotional intelligence is required for human resource consulting services in Newtown

The ability to spot, strap, and handle one’s own emotional responses assists us in applying them to actions such as judgment and problem-solving. Knowledge and recognizing one’s own feelings, as well as those of others, is an essential way to anticipate scenarios while remaining calm in stressful conditions. There are numerous occasions when we mourn our angry meltdown and consider better ways to respond to common scenarios.

Our Emotional Awareness components are deliberately developed for professionals, providing people with directed tools and methods for recognizing and managing their emotional responses, as well as improving their issue abilities. The programs are informative and interesting in nature, with guiding principles for using one’s emotional responses for the advantage of one’s own as well as the bigger institute/organization for  human resource consulting services in Newtown.

Isn’t it amazing? I know!

The founder’s words on gaining knowledge for human resource consulting service in Newtown

Sanjay Dua is the CEO and Founder of DUA’s Knowledge Potli, a dynamic learning platform that encourages the mind to consider, learn, and contribute to the improvement of culture.

Sanjay has 13 years of work experience in Hr departments across industries. Born and brought up in Ranchi, he believes that Enthusiasm, Practicing, and Persistence are the keys to a fulfilling career.

Sanjay, who is enthusiastic about the interplay of mindful awareness and learning, formed this framework to create a positive contribution to people’s lives, believing that with proper knowledge and training, the world might be a better city to stay in.

See, one thing that there’s nothing better than listening back from people that have been touched by the work we have done. The feedback that we get helps us flourish in our future to create an everlasting impact.

So, what are you waiting for? Do contact Dua’s knowledge Potli today for  human resource consulting services in Kolkata!!