Top Higher Education Consultant In Newtown...

Top Higher Education Consultant In Newtown

Do you have any ideas for a higher education consultant in Kolkata?


Okay, we’ll tell you.

We, at Dua’s Knowledge Potli, provide services for various progressive and creative learning platforms.

We are tailored to the requirements of the incumbent. Not only that, but we are also known as the best education consultant in Newtown, Kolkata.

Isn’t it fascinating?

We are aware!

Okay, so we’ll help you think and learn positively in order to be a better member of society.

We also believe that the experimental learning programme helps human beings begin their journey toward self-awareness and management.

As the best education consultant in Newtown, it is our responsibility to make a difference in people’s lives.

So, educational consults are quite important and they also play a very vital role in the fulfillment of your child’s dream.

Educational consultants are also termed as navigators during the whole process.

See, we know various complexities are also present in this whole process of studying abroad. This is the sole reason hiring an appropriate consultant is important.

Dua’s knowledge potli is one of the best education consultants in Kolkata right now.

We will help to turn your dreams into reality with in-depth knowledge regarding various vital decisions.

How Does Dua’s Knowledge Potli Make Your Life Better?

Did you know that a good higher education consultant in Newtown can assist you in completing the task flawlessly?

If not!

Then don’t worry, we’re here.

As the best higher education consultant in Newtown, Dua’s Knowledge Potli provides sessions for your child’s future higher education.

We issue directives that lead to a more enlightened future.

The most important consideration should be the student’s future. From the beginning, we not only provide awareness but also the utmost care to the student.

Do you want to learn more about us? Prepare yourself!

The experimental learning designed for this segment successfully allows aspirants to gain experience through learning.

We even provide real-life scenarios to assist them in gaining that knowledge, which is beneficial in understanding the industry requirements.

This is why we are the most effective higher education consultant in Kolkata, Newtown.

Most importantly, we offer workshops that generally include students’ awareness, confidence, and some sort of intent to learn from real-life scenarios.

Keeping all of this in mind, selecting the right educational consultant is critical for everyone.

What Do People Think of Us As Higher Educational Consultants in Kolkata?

Isn’t it true that there’s nothing better than hearing back from those who have contacted us?

We understand the value of feedback because it motivates us to improve on a daily basis.

We even tailor our offerings to meet the needs of creating a long-term impact.

People in Kolkata admired Dua’s knowledge of Potli as the best higher educational consultant.

To put it another way, we try to create a positive profile for the student so that he or she can thrive in the future.

We serve a wide range of people in our daily lives.

Essentially, the service that we offer aids in the transmission of a perspective of the environment that has an impact on an individual’s life.

As the best educational consultant in Kolkata, we offer courses, sessions, and testimonials for your child.

You can also reach us at +91 98740 67269 for more information.

Finally, you can leave us a message and one of our executives will contact you as soon as possible.

On our end, we have a well-trained team of executives!

We Dua’s Knowledge Potli is the service provider for the innovative and progressive learning platform, which is tailored to the requirements of the incumbent.

We empower you to think, learn, and contribute to a better society.

We believe that our experiential learning programme can help every person begin their journey from self-awareness and self-management to social awareness and impact.

Our experiential learning for this segment allows aspirants to learn by doing and gain insight into real-life scenarios, allowing them to gain a better understanding of the topics and industry requirements.

These workshops also instill awareness, confidence, and intent in students and encourage them to apply what they’ve learned in real-life situations.

Contact us today!

For further information contact us @98740 67269.

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Contact Dua’s knowledge Potli today.

Higher education consultant in Kolkata

Top Leading Higher Education Consultant in Kolkata

Do you have any idea regarding the higher education consultant in Kolkata? Okay, let us tell you. We Dua’s Knowledge Potli are the service providers for different progressive and creative platforms for learning. We are tailored as per the needs of the incumbent. Not only this we are even considered the higher education consultant in Kolkata.

Fascinating right?

We know!

Okay, so we further enable you to think and learn positively for maintaining a better section towards society. We also believe that the experimental learning program enables human individuals to embark on their journey from self-awareness and management. Being the top higher educational consultant in Kolkata it is our duty to cause an impact on people’s life.

Educational consultants are important and they play a vital role in fulfilling your child’s dreams. They can be termed as navigators for the whole process.

Various complexities are also present in the whole process of studying abroad. This is the reason hiring an appropriate consultant is necessary. Dua’s knowledge potli is one of the best higher education consultants in Kolkata right now. We help to turn your dreams into reality with in-depth knowledge for taking various vital decisions.

How Does Dua’s Knowledge Potli Enlightens Your Life?

Did you know that a good higher education consultant helps in accomplishing the task exquisitely? If not! Then no fear we are here. In Dua’s Knowledge Potli, being the best higher education consultant, we offer sessions for your child’s future regarding higher education.

We give instructions that lead to an enlightened future. The student’s future is the most important thing that needs to be kept in mind. We not only provide awareness but also utmost care to the student from the beginning.

Want to know more about us? Get ready!

The experimental learning that has been designed for this segment prosperously enables the aspirants to gain experience through learning. We even provide real-life scenarios that help them gain that knowledge which is better for understanding the industry requirements. This is the reason we are the best higher educational consultant in Kolkata.

Most importantly we provide workshops that generally include awareness, confidence, and some sort of intent amongst the students to incur them to learn from real-life scenarios. Keeping all these in mind, choosing the correct educational consultant is really important for each and every one.

What Do People Say About Us Being The Higher Educational Consultant in Kolkata?

Don’t you believe that there’s nothing better than getting back from those people who have been in touch with us?!

We know that feedback is important because it pushes us to get better day by day. We even tailor our offerings in order to suit the needs for creating a lasting impact. People have loved Dua’s knowledge Potli as the educational consultant in Kolkata.

In order words, we try and create a positive profile for the student so that he or she can flourish in the future.

We provide service to all sorts of people we meet in our life. Basically, the service that we provide helps in inheriting a perspective of the surrounding that impacts an individual’s life. We provide courses, sessions, and testimonials for your child being the top educational consultant in Kolkata.

For further information, you can even call us on this number +91 98740 67269. Lastly, you can also leave us a message, our executives will reach you as soon as possible. We have a well-trained team of executives working on our end!

Best E-Learning Platform For Students

Best E-Learning Platform For Students in Newtown

What are the advantages of an e-learning platform for students?

Technology has not only changed how corporate firms run; it has also had an influence on how students study in the education sector. Traditional teaching approaches are gradually being replaced by e-learning platforms for students. Simply put, this is because more and more individuals are realizing the many advantages of this kind of education. There are several advantages associated with e-learning programmes for students in Newtown, while flexibility and cost reductions stand out as the most obvious ones. The purpose of this blog is to examine what an e-learning platform for students in Newtown  is and some of its major advantages.

What Is Online Learning?

eLearning, sometimes known as online education, is a type of learning that makes use of electronic technologies to access material, typically outside of traditional classroom settings. It might be used to describe a course, degree, or programme that is entirely provided online. Learning is not transmitted through pre-made movies or television channels in internet education. Instead, it incorporates a scenario where pupils may speak with teachers in real time online. During class, students may raise their hands electronically to ask questions or contribute to discussion topics.

A Learning Management System (LMS) or video conferencing software or e-learning platforms for students can be used to offer Online Learning. These platforms allow teachers to engage with their students, assess their involvement, and grade their homework or exams.

Dua’s knowledge potli is the top-notch e-learning platforms for students in Newtown. Udemy, Coursera, Master Class, skillshare are also some of the eLearning platforms. These programmes include a variety of interactive capabilities, including cross-platform chat, quick screen and information sharing, and creative whiteboards. With the help of these resources, instructors and students may work together to deliver lessons even more effectively.

What advantages does an e-learning platform for students in Newtown offer?

The world of education and curriculum creation has undergone a significant transformation because of eLearning. The advantages of online education over traditional schooling are numerous. People who are actively participating in eLearning programmes may attest to its numerous benefits.

The following is a rundown of e-learning platform’s main advantages:

1. Enables students to learn at any time and from any location

The ability for students to sign up for, take, and complete their selected courses from any location is one of the biggest advantages of online learning. There is no need to arrange for lodging, travel far to find a class location, or enroll in brick-and-mortar schools. Online learning encompasses all facets of education. This is really advantageous, especially for students who are also working or taking care of their families. They may simply attend courses at a time that works for them and finish their homework and/or take their examinations without any trouble. By providing adaptable and practical training techniques on e-learning platforms for students, streamlining learning in the whole.

2. Facilitates Access to Just-In-Time Curriculum Information

Before sharing lessons and learning materials with students who have joined up for the network, teachers can update them using eLearning platforms. The updated materials are often just uploaded to a server, where students can access the pertinent study material. As an alternative, teachers can use a video conferencing system to communicate just-in-time information with pupils.

The screen sharing function of software allows teachers to share current information with students. Additionally, students can store these files for subsequent viewing or replay. This guarantees that the curriculum’s material is up-to-date, consistent, and in line with current trends.

3. Reduces the Stress Associated with Learning

Students who receive their education and training online are free to experiment and make errors without worrying about being intimidated. eLearning platforms are more concerned with strengthening the students’ weakest areas than instructor-led programmes in traditional universities, which can single out and humiliate students who have performed badly. Even the least interested students might find it exciting to study a particular subject when learning materials and instructors are entirely online. Simply put, it offers learners of all learning styles the chance to gain knowledge and experience in their chosen field.

4. Results in Considerable Cost Savings

Due to the limited involvement of trainers and consultants in the delivery of courses and programmes, the eLearning platform is typically less expensive than conventional education. This reduces the expensive compensation for these employees while expanding the reach of the students. The college will spend less money operating while providing online courses of higher quality at lower prices.

However, paying less for courses that are comparable to those provided at conventional schools or institutions might be advantageous for students. They’ll also save money on other expenses like housing, transportation fees, and textbook purchases. In general, a student enrolled in an eLearning platform  may save a lot of money from the moment they enroll all the way through course completion.

5. Encourages more effective and focused learning

Students with varying learning styles may often get tailored instruction on the majority of eLearning platform for students. Students may learn and review course materials at their own speed while still fulfilling curriculum requirements thanks to online learning environments that provide 24/7 access to classes. By repeating the message with the use of audio, videos, quizzes, and other tools, instructors may also aid students in better understanding the subjects. Students who get instruction using a platform have the option to record live sessions for subsequent replay or review of material that wasn’t initially obvious.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that eLearning platforms benefit students by enhancing their:

  • Perspective on education and training
  • Long-term memory of the content
  • Levels of mastery
  • Results on assignments and exams

6. Makes Education Available to People of All Ages and Experiences

e-learning platforms for students in Newtown, Kolkata provide equal chances to everyone who is interested in learning new skills or advancing their knowledge. There aren’t any severe limitations like those seen in conventional academic institutions. In reality, there are just a few steps involved in enrolling in an online education programme, and they may be completed in a single day. Both new and working students may easily sign up for, pursue, and finish their selected courses without fuss.

These are some of the main advantages of online learning for both students and teachers. It appears that the concept of eLearning is gradually getting some grip as the number of students enrolling in online courses rises daily. eLearning platforms for students offer more flexibility, more convenience, and better results than traditional brick-and-mortar education.
Additionally, since eLearning courses are inexpensive, students may get even more for their money when they opt for e-learning courses from Dua’s knowledge potli in Newtown, Kolkata.

Best Online Learning Platforms In Newtown - Dua's Knowledge Potli

 Best Online Learning Platform In Newtown

Best Online Learning Platform In Newtown

The need for Dua’s Knowledge Potli as the best online learning platform in Newtown

Dua’s Knowledge Potli are service providers of creative and progressive learning platforms tailored to the needs of established operators. We enable you to think, learn and contribute to the better parts of society by being the best online learning platform in Newtown, Kolkata.

We believe that our experiential learning programs enable everyone to embark on a journey from self-awareness and self-management to social cognition and influence.

  • Our Vision
    Our only vision is to Enlighten people by giving them bespoke knowledge to have positive effects in different areas of life.

  • Our Mission
    Our sole mission is to inspire and enlighten individuals through the power of education and knowledge.

  • Our Values
    The core values which we, Dua’s knowledge Potli believe is learning, sharing, and caring for everyone.

Some Talks from the founder of Dua’s knowledge Potli, the best online learning platform in Newtown

Sanjay Dua is the founder and chief executive officer of DUA’s Knowledge Potli. It is a creative and progressive learning platform that enables individuals to think, learn and contribute to improving society. Sanjay has 13 years of cross-industry professional experience in human resources development. Born and raised in the city of Ranchi, he firmly believes that passion, practice, and patience are the keys to life’s happiness and success.
Passionate about the interaction of mindfulness and learning, Sanjay believes that the world will be a better place to live with proper education and learning, so this is to have a positive impact on people’s lives. Established the platform.

What does Dua’s knowledge Potli do for every individual out there?

We enable services for Kids, students, and professionals out there. Further, we enable you to learn, think and contribute to a better and clear future ahead being the best online learning platform in Newtown, Kolkata.

Kids: At DUAs Knowledge Potli, we believe that every child is unique and has great potential to have a lasting impact on their lives. In a sincere effort at DUA’s Knowledge Potli, we are committed to realizing and promoting this uniqueness among children through a variety of hands-on workshops.

Students: Designed for this segment, our experiential learning allows applicants to learn through experience and gain insights into real-world scenarios to help them better understand issues and industry needs. These workshops also encourage students to instill awareness, self-confidence, and intent and apply what they have learned in real-world scenarios.

Professionals: The corporate segment aims to develop professionals through life and soft skills training to understand self / self-management through resilience and wellness aspects.

Description of those courses in Dua’s knowledge Potli

For Kids:

  • Art of storytelling(Basic, Idea, and creativity)

Create, Learn, and Express-Children have so many emotions, expressions, and thoughts that it is essential to release them in the right way and at the right time.
Stories are the best form of expression, and we encourage children to surface their innate expressiveness through storytelling techniques. Our simple, modeled techniques help children get the most out of their abilities and remove the fear of speaking in public.
If your child can share his thoughts and feelings well, you can see healthy children spreading happiness everywhere!

  • Observation skill workshop for kids Lessons

Observation Skills Workshops share details of different communication styles, how to identify and correlate your styles, and try to improve and build them. One of the most important aspects of being an effective communicator is learning the art of listening. The ability to listen and pay attention to details has helped us to observe all scenarios, develop constructive thinking, and improve our ability to speak and follow our thoughts.

  • Personality evolvement for kids’ lessons

Scholars, additional classes, extracurricular activities, improvisations, discussions, abacus, swimming lessons, dance lessons, music, drawing, physics training, programming, and the list is endless.
Yes!! Children do more than just this. Accept that their era of continuous growth and evolution is very different from ours. And that’s why their requirements are so different from those of our generation of children.
We put their overall growth and development at the center of every workshop and provide relevant tools to grow and develop their personality so that they have the courage and confidence to shine brightly in every situation.

  • Other soft learning skills

Today’s generation demands that children be enriched in many ways. Our sessions empower children with simple tools and techniques that help them improve their communication, behavior, and response to different situations.

For Students

  • Career Counseling

A step-by-step approach to career advice provides real value to clients:-

  1. Judgment of individual suitability and interest by various psychometric tests.
  2. Provide appropriate guidance on the abundant career opportunities that exist in a particular stream.
  3. Definition of good and necessary skills according to the direction of the selected career.
  4. If necessary, fill the gap by providing appropriate training in all potential areas.

  • Assertive and communication skills for students

The art of effectively sharing our thoughts and opinions with others helps enable and guide our communication style. Effective communication is an established requirement for healthier relationships, but the ability to openly and directly express both positive and negative emotions is paramount to maintaining relationships.

  • Faith over fear for students’ lessons

In an increasingly vague and unpredictable environment, we live in constant fear and uncertainty, which is growing at both the conscious and subconscious levels. As the technical and functional context continues to evolve, we always seem to be witnessing unprecedented changes in life scenarios. Given the environment, those who have better control over themselves and their beliefs can change their lives like any other.

  • Students’ emotional intelligence lessons

The ability to recognize, use, and manage one’s emotions helps to apply them to activities such as decision-making and problem-solving. Understanding and recognizing the emotions of yourself and others is an important way to predict scenarios while staying calm in difficult situations. We often regret emotional outbursts and think of better ways to deal with some typical situations.

For Professionals

  • Leadership coaching for professionals

DUA’s Knowledge Potli Leadership Coaching Program aims to leverage leadership qualities and traits, equip them with future-proof skills and techniques, and provide skills to help them make meaningful decisions. We work on three common areas and provide executive coaching. Motivation is our top priority. Individuals need to not only improve their skills and learning but at the same time be part of the organization and have sufficient motivation to reach higher levels together.

  • Master lateral thinking

The purpose of the workshop on learning lateral thinking and applying the principles of the Six Thinking Hats is to:

a) Help individuals become creative problem solvers and come up with new ideas and solutions.

b) Understand what lateral thinking is and how to use it effectively.

c) Assuming the traditional way of thinking that hinders people.

d) Learn the best lateral brainstorming techniques.

e) Improving intelligence and creativity.

  • Power of 7 Chakras lessons for professionals

This workshop aims to raise participants’ awareness and gain a better understanding of the seven major energy sources of our bodies. These energy centers are the epitome of human consciousness and can be a great resource for people to realize their true potential when directed in the right direction. Understanding these sources of energy allows individuals to improve every aspect of their lives, thereby achieving better living conditions.

  • Neuro Linguistic Programing

It’s an innovative approach to understanding and guiding your beliefs, actions, and human experiences. This workshop will focus on the basic understanding of  NLP, what it does, and why and how it helps. It helps individuals who are aware of modeling principles and the subconscious. Staff will perform self-awareness and Johari window visualization exercises. Describes the pillars and prerequisites of NLP. Understanding mental mapping and neurological flexibility.

Our team here at Dua’s knowledge Potli enlightens your life

Dua’s Knowledge Potli is a learning platform for teaching interdisciplinary skills, especially soft and life skills, to enable customers to effectively address their work environment and life challenges is the best online learning platform in Newtown. We support you by learning and implementing the skills you need to be a balanced individual who functions as an important part of society.
Not only that we have crossed around 1600+ learning hours, but about 1084+ participants have also engaged themselves in this course. More than 38+ business clients are happy working with us. Lastly, more than 36+ courses are present here at Dua’s knowledge Potli.



Dua’s Knowledge Potli, Educational Consultants In Newtown

We Dua’s knowledge potli are here to enlighten your lives by providing a progressive learning platform. It has been tailored as per the needs of the incumbent. Do you know what we do? We specifically enable you to learn, think and contribute towards a better section of society as educational consultants. 

Dua’s knowledge potli for kids, students and professionals 

Dua’s knowledge potli believe all kids are unique in their own way and also think that they possess a tremendous impact on their own lives by education consultation. We are committed to enable and promote the uniqueness among the kids through various workshops. 

Dua’s knowledge potli provides an experiential learning that has been specifically designed for aspirants to learn through experiences by our educational consultants in Kolkata. We also provide various workshops that help in inculcating awareness, confidence and intent among students. As educational consultants in Kolkata it is our job to apply those learning in real life scenarios. 

Talking about the corporate segment, the services that we offer as educational consultants in Newtown are towards the development of professional skills via self understanding management and criteria of well being resilience. 

Our services as educational consultants

The services that we provide as educational consultants in Newtown help people from many different walks of life. With all our services individuals tend to inherit a new perspective of their surroundings with the impact in the world. As stated earlier we offer courses for children, students and professionals. 

Founder speaking for Dua’s knowledge potli 

Sanjay Dua is the founder and CEO of dua’s knowledge potli with a creative and progressive learning platform for enabling the individuals to think, learn and contribute towards betterment of the society as educational consultants. Sanjay came into the grounds with a professional experience of over 13 years across the industry of human resource. He was born and brought up in the city of ranchi and he firmly believed in passion, practice and perseverance that holds the key to contentment of successful life. Don’t you find it fascinating? If yes, would you like to hear more. Then let’s talk about this person. Sanjay was passionate about the interaction of mindfulness and learning. He even found this platform to make a positive impact in other peoples life as he always believed that with correct education the world would be a great place to live in. This is how the educational consultation came into life. There’s a lot more to know about him and from his Dua’s knowledge potli. 

Peoples reaction for us 

Being educational consultants there’s nothing better than listening back from people who have been in touch. Do not hesitate to provide any feedback because that will help us to grow better and tailor our offering to suit your needs till the end. We assure you as educational consultants in Kolkata  that we will enable appropriate thinking, learning as per your need.