A truth beyond your experience

A truth beyond your experience!

When someone says something to you, they might want you to comprehend it in a way that gives validation to their thoughts.

And there are two ways in which you can react to those situations;

  1. You interpret exactly in the same way, that the other person wants you to interpret
  2. You interpret in a completely different way, which does not validate the other person’s expectation.

What’s the fundamental principle on this?

As soon as we observe, see or listen something, it filters through our core beliefs, values and experiences ( that has been created over a period of years ) and ultimately propel us to react and give meaning to those situations and statements accordingly.

Mental maps that we have created for ourselves, foster our reaction and response. The extent to which we are prepared to assign meaning to new situations by unfolding our limiting belief system, ultimately helps us to evolve and enrich experience of our lives. That’s where you keep surprising yourself with your self evolvement.

Our flexibility to challenge our existing beliefs , thought patterns and experiences becomes the first page of our self discovery.

A vision with purpose and soul

A vision with purpose and soul

It’s a new year ! And many of us are again on the journey of forming resolutions, business plan and vision for this year. It’s not something new, as we have been witnessing the same happening at all levels whether being at personal and professional front. But one key differentiator this year would be the learning that last year has given by. Learning that will be in all our minds (consciously) before we manifest our growth targets.

Goals would be set, targets would be measured but the one aspect which would form premise is the flexibility, awareness and acceptance of the valiant situations. And softer aspect has to build in our core and culture by embracing life, spreading love and learning and enlightening lives.

Let this new year, you are awakened of your hidden strengths and unempteen potential through which you can impact yours and ultimately other lives also.