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 Best Online Learning Platform In Newtown

Best Online Learning Platform In Newtown

The need for Dua’s Knowledge Potli as the best online learning platform in Newtown

Dua’s Knowledge Potli are service providers of creative and progressive learning platforms tailored to the needs of established operators. We enable you to think, learn and contribute to the better parts of society by being the best online learning platform in Newtown, Kolkata.

We believe that our experiential learning programs enable everyone to embark on a journey from self-awareness and self-management to social cognition and influence.

  • Our Vision
    Our only vision is to Enlighten people by giving them bespoke knowledge to have positive effects in different areas of life.

  • Our Mission
    Our sole mission is to inspire and enlighten individuals through the power of education and knowledge.

  • Our Values
    The core values which we, Dua’s knowledge Potli believe is learning, sharing, and caring for everyone.

Some Talks from the founder of Dua’s knowledge Potli, the best online learning platform in Newtown

Sanjay Dua is the founder and chief executive officer of DUA’s Knowledge Potli. It is a creative and progressive learning platform that enables individuals to think, learn and contribute to improving society. Sanjay has 13 years of cross-industry professional experience in human resources development. Born and raised in the city of Ranchi, he firmly believes that passion, practice, and patience are the keys to life’s happiness and success.
Passionate about the interaction of mindfulness and learning, Sanjay believes that the world will be a better place to live with proper education and learning, so this is to have a positive impact on people’s lives. Established the platform.

What does Dua’s knowledge Potli do for every individual out there?

We enable services for Kids, students, and professionals out there. Further, we enable you to learn, think and contribute to a better and clear future ahead being the best online learning platform in Newtown, Kolkata.

Kids: At DUAs Knowledge Potli, we believe that every child is unique and has great potential to have a lasting impact on their lives. In a sincere effort at DUA’s Knowledge Potli, we are committed to realizing and promoting this uniqueness among children through a variety of hands-on workshops.

Students: Designed for this segment, our experiential learning allows applicants to learn through experience and gain insights into real-world scenarios to help them better understand issues and industry needs. These workshops also encourage students to instill awareness, self-confidence, and intent and apply what they have learned in real-world scenarios.

Professionals: The corporate segment aims to develop professionals through life and soft skills training to understand self / self-management through resilience and wellness aspects.

Description of those courses in Dua’s knowledge Potli

For Kids:

  • Art of storytelling(Basic, Idea, and creativity)

Create, Learn, and Express-Children have so many emotions, expressions, and thoughts that it is essential to release them in the right way and at the right time.
Stories are the best form of expression, and we encourage children to surface their innate expressiveness through storytelling techniques. Our simple, modeled techniques help children get the most out of their abilities and remove the fear of speaking in public.
If your child can share his thoughts and feelings well, you can see healthy children spreading happiness everywhere!

  • Observation skill workshop for kids Lessons

Observation Skills Workshops share details of different communication styles, how to identify and correlate your styles, and try to improve and build them. One of the most important aspects of being an effective communicator is learning the art of listening. The ability to listen and pay attention to details has helped us to observe all scenarios, develop constructive thinking, and improve our ability to speak and follow our thoughts.

  • Personality evolvement for kids’ lessons

Scholars, additional classes, extracurricular activities, improvisations, discussions, abacus, swimming lessons, dance lessons, music, drawing, physics training, programming, and the list is endless.
Yes!! Children do more than just this. Accept that their era of continuous growth and evolution is very different from ours. And that’s why their requirements are so different from those of our generation of children.
We put their overall growth and development at the center of every workshop and provide relevant tools to grow and develop their personality so that they have the courage and confidence to shine brightly in every situation.

  • Other soft learning skills

Today’s generation demands that children be enriched in many ways. Our sessions empower children with simple tools and techniques that help them improve their communication, behavior, and response to different situations.

For Students

  • Career Counseling

A step-by-step approach to career advice provides real value to clients:-

  1. Judgment of individual suitability and interest by various psychometric tests.
  2. Provide appropriate guidance on the abundant career opportunities that exist in a particular stream.
  3. Definition of good and necessary skills according to the direction of the selected career.
  4. If necessary, fill the gap by providing appropriate training in all potential areas.

  • Assertive and communication skills for students

The art of effectively sharing our thoughts and opinions with others helps enable and guide our communication style. Effective communication is an established requirement for healthier relationships, but the ability to openly and directly express both positive and negative emotions is paramount to maintaining relationships.

  • Faith over fear for students’ lessons

In an increasingly vague and unpredictable environment, we live in constant fear and uncertainty, which is growing at both the conscious and subconscious levels. As the technical and functional context continues to evolve, we always seem to be witnessing unprecedented changes in life scenarios. Given the environment, those who have better control over themselves and their beliefs can change their lives like any other.

  • Students’ emotional intelligence lessons

The ability to recognize, use, and manage one’s emotions helps to apply them to activities such as decision-making and problem-solving. Understanding and recognizing the emotions of yourself and others is an important way to predict scenarios while staying calm in difficult situations. We often regret emotional outbursts and think of better ways to deal with some typical situations.

For Professionals

  • Leadership coaching for professionals

DUA’s Knowledge Potli Leadership Coaching Program aims to leverage leadership qualities and traits, equip them with future-proof skills and techniques, and provide skills to help them make meaningful decisions. We work on three common areas and provide executive coaching. Motivation is our top priority. Individuals need to not only improve their skills and learning but at the same time be part of the organization and have sufficient motivation to reach higher levels together.

  • Master lateral thinking

The purpose of the workshop on learning lateral thinking and applying the principles of the Six Thinking Hats is to:

a) Help individuals become creative problem solvers and come up with new ideas and solutions.

b) Understand what lateral thinking is and how to use it effectively.

c) Assuming the traditional way of thinking that hinders people.

d) Learn the best lateral brainstorming techniques.

e) Improving intelligence and creativity.

  • Power of 7 Chakras lessons for professionals

This workshop aims to raise participants’ awareness and gain a better understanding of the seven major energy sources of our bodies. These energy centers are the epitome of human consciousness and can be a great resource for people to realize their true potential when directed in the right direction. Understanding these sources of energy allows individuals to improve every aspect of their lives, thereby achieving better living conditions.

  • Neuro Linguistic Programing

It’s an innovative approach to understanding and guiding your beliefs, actions, and human experiences. This workshop will focus on the basic understanding of  NLP, what it does, and why and how it helps. It helps individuals who are aware of modeling principles and the subconscious. Staff will perform self-awareness and Johari window visualization exercises. Describes the pillars and prerequisites of NLP. Understanding mental mapping and neurological flexibility.

Our team here at Dua’s knowledge Potli enlightens your life

Dua’s Knowledge Potli is a learning platform for teaching interdisciplinary skills, especially soft and life skills, to enable customers to effectively address their work environment and life challenges is the best online learning platform in Newtown. We support you by learning and implementing the skills you need to be a balanced individual who functions as an important part of society.
Not only that we have crossed around 1600+ learning hours, but about 1084+ participants have also engaged themselves in this course. More than 38+ business clients are happy working with us. Lastly, more than 36+ courses are present here at Dua’s knowledge Potli.